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Soy Massage Candle

Soy Massage Candle

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Nourish your partner with this aromatic, soy massage candle. A slow, indulgent start to intimate play. 

Made with Soy Wax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Avocado Oil. Blended with skin safe fragrance, Ylang Ylang, this massage candle will leave your skin and body feeling worshipped.

How to use

1. Light the massage candle 15-30 minutes before you would like to use it. If you are sensitive to heat, blow out the candle a minute or so before pouring to allow the oil to cool slightly. A finger can be dipped into the wax to test the temperature before pouring. 

2. After pouring onto the skin, spread the oil quickly to avoid concentrated heat on the skin.

3. When first lighting the massage candle, burn until all of the wax on the top of the candle has melted evenly. This will help avoid the candle tunneling with future use. 

4. Any wax that remains after the wick has burned completely can still be used for massage. Simply scoop out the wax and warm it between your hands before apply to skin. 

Avoid using this oil on sensitive areas, such as genitalia as the oil can affect pH balance for some people. We recommend washing your hands before touching sensitive areas.

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