GoodTouch Story

Becoming Aotearoa's Ethical Intimacy Store.

Finally! This is the reaction customers have given when coming across  It seems New Zealanders were just waiting for an adult store they could feel confident and comfortable exploring. 
GoodTouch Ethical Adult Store

The idea for GoodTouch came about the same way all good things do... a big life shake up and laughing and crying with friends... over wine of course.

I always felt that adult toys and stores were not for me, in fact I only bought my first toy in 2022. I felt like that was a space that wasn't for me, I wasn't sexy enough, I wasn't 'naughty' and all the other labels and stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what we are allowed to do. I was a mum in my mid 30's, I don't belong here. 

Well, that doesn't sound very fair to me. 

The stigma I felt around adult stores, even online, was one shared by the women around me. Women, truly beyond our 20's and bearing the physical and emotional scars of life experience. A variety of ages, sizes, sexual orientation, some mums, some not, some single, married or in new relationships. Our bodies come bumpy, saggy, plump, smooth, lined or crinkly. 

We all had the  feeling of exclusion from the sexual conversation. We didn't feel welcome within the brash and bold world of adult stores. 

I felt this is something that has to change, everyone should feel comfortable exploring their pleasure, it is not wrong, it doesn't disappear because your a mum or older or anything else. Pleasure belongs to you and you deserve to feel it. 

And so now I invite you to explore GoodTouch as a space where the products align with our values, empower our self-esteem and allow us to comfortably fulfil our desires.

I truly hope that this space makes you feel welcome,


Founder, Mother & Still Human 

 p.s Thank you to the women who inspire me everyday x