Our Brands

Our aim is to offer ethical, environmentally sustainable, quality products. Having researched for the best products available that meet our standards we are thrilled to work with the following brands. 


The Natural Love Company.

F*ck yourself, not the planet 

Ben and Barney founded The Natural Love Company around three years ago with the aim to change the face of adult toys. Here are some of the ways that this wonderful brand aim to be as environmentally friendly and ethical as possible:

  • 1. For each product sold, they plant two trees.
  • 2. Member of the 1% for the planet.
  • 3. Their office and servers are powers by reusable energy sources.
  • 4. Partnered with The Ocean Foundation to offset delivery.
  • 5. Sustainable packaging. 
  • 6. Quality products, made to last. 
  • 7. Rechargeable batteries. 
  • 8. Lubricants are organic and vegan friendly.
  • 9. Factories used are SEDEX approved. 
  • 10. Investing in new technology to produce adult toys made from ocean recycled plastics 



Because our style shouldn't cost the earth.

Anekdot transform exceptional surplus materials into high quality, limited edition lingerie, swimwear, loungewear and accessories. Their production takes place in their own atelier in Berlin and with small, woman owned factories in nearby Poland, supporting local craftswomen while dramatically reducing our carbon footprint.



Making boobs & butts happy since 2017

Understatement was born in 2017 and is female-founded and female-run. Our founders Marie Stolt, Maria Lager, and Yvet Malmveld came together with the vision to turn an everyday necessity into a statement piece from under, ruled by boosting comfort and confidence for all women, "We don’t retouch our models in photos and videos, because why would we? Our underwear is made to embrace every curve.

They work closely with their European and Turkish manufacturing partners that are experts in the field of underwear. This means they can visit regularly, build long-lasting relationships, and ensure that labor conditions and quality standards are in line with our values. 

Making a responsible choice for our planet is at the core of everything we do. This purpose is manifested in the materials we use, but even more so in the quality and longevity of our products. We constantly thrive to improve and communicate transparently where our materials and products are sourced and produced.



Nothing can replace the wonders of Nature

Healing and holistic, Petalhead is an all natural skincare and perfume range made in New Zealand using traditional apothecary and art.

100% natural and organic, using pure flower & plant extracts provided by Mother Nature herself... Blended in small batches, wax sealed & stamped by hand, combining the ancient art of perfume and skincare... With nothing to hide, our skincare is completely free of commonly used man-made synthetics and fragrances, and never tested on animals.



Have mind-blowing sex. Save the planet.

Best friends Farah Kabir and Dr Sarah Welsh created HANX 2017 after realiseing their shared frustration about their experince in the condom and lube aisle, "we realised what was on shelves fell short (actually, we were embarrassed to be seen buying them, tbh). Garish, stereotypically ‘masculine’, penis-centric messaging, not to mention gross chemicals that shouldn't be anywhere near a vagina."

  • HANX condoms are made from latex which has been responsibly sourced and traded. 
  • No harsh chemicals which can pollute the environment.
  • Mainstream brands use numbing gels, sticky flavourings and novelty tingling sensations that are a yeast infection waiting to happen. We don’t.
  • No casein. No beeswax. Our Condoms and Lubricant are both certified by The Vegan Society, meaning we do not use animal by-products in these products. They are also cruelty free, and never tested on animals. 
  • Have reduced waste and energy use, and our outer boxes are made from recycled cardboard.


Refil nation

Waste-free shopping for everyone.

Refill Nation was born out of our love of home, our community &

whānau, and a desire to eliminate wasteful packaging in Aotearoa. So we built a place to shop waste-free for a waste-free nation, locally owned & operated in the heart of Te Atatū Peninsula & Titirangi, Auckland. 

We believe reducing waste should be achievable for everyone. To truly drive change, we need refillable and reusable alternatives that are affordable for everyday shoppers. Refill Nation aims to be the shopping experience of the future for Kiwi households in a bid to help the planet and the next generation. 
Dusk till Dawn
Made with Love
Dusk till Dawn is a New Zealand boutique candle business