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Sensations Bundle

Sensations Bundle

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Ignite your senses during couples play with our Sensations Bundle. Designed to tap into every sense in a variety of ways. 

Whats involved...

Play with sensory deprivation with the luxuriously soft Kanuka Blindfold

Drape, tickle or snap with the Kanuka Flogger whip

Glass toys allow for temperature play, cool down Litsea, the classic tear drop Butt Plug

Curate your atmosphere with candle light or play with temperature again using warm drips from the Soy Massage Candle

Indulge if the sent of the Romance Massage oil and you feel your partners hand rubbing over your body

When play advances, use the Simply Wild Strawberry Personal Lubricant to enhance your taste experience. 

Take care when you play, especially when playing with temperature, listen to your partner and start slow and avoid extremes.  For more information around communication and couples play click here

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