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The Natural Love Company

Litsea Glass Butt Plug

Litsea Glass Butt Plug

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Classic Tear Drop Butt Plug.

10% of lubricant with any toy x

Litsea is the Goldilocks of the Butt Plug world, not too big, not too small, just right – perfect for newbies to tinker with, but still has enough to it to give pleasure to those more seasoned with anal play. The classic tear drop butt plug shape, paired with a decorative flower petal end. Nothing intimidating there!

To us at least, a glass butt plug just makes sense, the reasons are endless but we shall name but a few. With glass conducting heat beautifully, you can bring the added sensations of temperature creativity into play; try running Litsea under cold or hot water before inserting to experiment with how temperature effects the pleasure and sensation. Is there a more hygienic and easy to clean material than non-porous glass, if so, we’re yet to come across it; with just a couple squirts of Simply Toy Cleaner and a quick wipe Litsea is ready to packed away into it’s cotton pouch until next time!

Our last reason why we think glass butt plugs are just the best is the aesthetic, we don’t know why, they’re just cute, feel good in hand and shimmer beautifully in the light.

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