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Ambrette Vibrator

Ambrette Vibrator

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The Re-imagined Wand Vibrator.

10% of lubricant with any toy x

People have preconceptions around the way certain sex toys should look for them to be fit for purpose, like how a wand vibrator should have that classic ‘Magic Wand’ look (y’know, the one you used to plug in the wall).  Ambrette was designed with functionality and design and not just following the status quo of wand vibrators, et voilà, you have Ambrette.

Ambrette has a conical form with buttery soft ribbed silicone for added sensation. It fits beautifully in your palm, making it not just more ergonomic and comfy to hold but you can be much more dexterous and precise with how you pleasure yourself with it. With 10 different rhythms and intensities to to choose from, Ambrette promises to satisfy whatever the mood.

Take a look at what wonderful things Maire Joy, Sexologist, had to say about her experience with  Ambrette.

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