Ethical Adult Cinema

Erika Lust

On our search for ethical adult cinema we couldn't find better than Erika Lust. Watch erotica knowing that those involved are treated with respect. Erika Lust follows strict values when producing her work to ensure fair and ethical treatment of all of those involved, with fair pay, safe working environments and transparency for all.

The movies are beautifully crafted with actual stories, relatable content and realistic 'hot' sex.

More information from Eirka:

'Tired of stereotypical mainstream pornography that ignored women’s pleasure, Erika Lust broke into the adult industry in 2004 with her first indie erotic film, The Good Girl, a humorous take on the classic pizza boy trope.

Since that moment Erika has been leading the revolution for adult cinema that goes beyond traditional gender roles and tired stereotypes. Her work confronts pornography that focuses on male pleasure and sexual athletics by focusing on the eroticism of human sexuality and relationships. She refuses to typecast performers based on their age, race, sexuality, or gender, and her movies represent a wide range of human body shapes, identities, and sexualities.'

View ethical erotic film with either Lust Cinema or Else Cinema for something a little softer or also XConfessions, short movies based on real anonymous confessions,  either way enjoy beautiful adult cinema.